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November 14th, 2018 – Mike & Kathy are Back! How to Find, Fix, and Flip Houses for Big Profits

Come join us November 14th, 6:30pm at Gianilli’s II with speakers Mike & Kathy.

They brought the roof down 2 and 1/2 years ago with their last presentation. Those in attendance LOVED it. Come back and learn what the Dynamic Duo Caped Crusading flippers have been up to in their journey. I had the privilege of getting to see their last one just prior to hitting the market, and it is obvious these guys have learned a ton. Whether you are new, or experienced, there will be things to learn at the November meeting.

They are going to give you some more cutting edge tips, techniques and information to help yo make more profits. You can only find this information in Westmoreland county at SWIG meetings.

Don’t forget…it is a week earlier than normal this month.

Stacey Belko

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