May 18th, 2016 – Jason LiCavoli of REI BlackBook

Come join us May 18th, 6:30pm (6:00pm registration) at The Ramada Greensburg with guest speaker Jason LiCavoli of REI BlackBook.


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8% of Investors Do 81% of Business

Don’t you want to be that 8%? Of course you do, but, chances are, you’re not – yet.

81% of closed business hinges on one thing – the investor’s ability to follow up, consistently, and repeatedly. But in order to have consistent, repeated follow up that doesn’t drain the life out of you (because if it does, it’s not going to get done for long) you have to have systems.

The majority, that’s 92% of you, don’t have the systems in place that will set you up for serial success. Your lack of systems are the reason why you have inconsistencies in your paycheck – if you’re getting paid at all.

It’s a sad and completely avoidable reality that most investors fail to reach their goals. More often than not, it’s because of these two reasons.

#1 Absolutely NO Follow Up System In Place

Scattered sticky notes and a smattering of calendar notifications do not qualify as a follow up system. Leads need to be nurtured depending on why they came to you and how long they’ve been in contact with you.

You would never send the same message to a probate lead as you would to a foreclosure lead. Why? Because they care about different things – it’s a different conversation.

But if you don’t have a system in place to easily and automatically follow up with these people, you’ll lose them.

You’re losing them right now.

You’re losing them because you don’t have the time, attention, or desire to keep track and properly nurture every lead that comes through the door.

What’s more, it’s not realistic to expect you, or even someone who works for you, to independently keep track of every lead, every client, every person who you come in contact with and expect that they’ll be followed up with in a right and timely manner.

It’s not possible. Which is why it can’t happen without a system. The problem is, most investors don’t have one.

#2 You Have to Do It – Or It Doesn’t Get Done

Does this sound like you? You wear one million hats in your business, and if you don’t do something, it doesn’t get done?

Just look at this list of tasks that have to happen for your business to simply run:

● Marketing

● Pre-screening deals

● Going on appointments

● Making offers

● Setting up Closings

● Finding Buyers

● Getting the money for your deals

● Maintaining your web presence

● Customer Service

● Paying bills

● Researching the next best ‘tool’

● Going to the bank to cash your checks! (Believe it or not you should have a system for this as well)


If you have to do those things or your business fails, then you don’t own a business – your business owns you.

If that’s the case, most times, you’d be better off in a job. It’s less stressful, less work, and the pay is more consistent.

But you’re not reading this because you want a job, you want freedom. You want a life that you choose.

If you truly want a business that creates freedom for you and your family, you’re going to have to change a few things about how you run it.

You need systems to support the pillars of every successful business – marketing, follow up, deal management, and closing.

You need systems so that your machine is always working, and the momentum never slows.

You need systems that will free you from drowning in the everyday minutiae so that you can put your time and energy on income producing activities and the enjoyable bits of life.

You need systems that will keep your pipeline full and your bank account fluid.

You need systems that are proven, repeatable, and simple.

It’s the only way you’ll be paid consistently and repeatedly.

But, honestly, your lack of systems is not your fault.

Systems aren’t especially sexy. The majority of investors are overwhelmed by them, and 50% of those who try to set up their own systems from scratch fail.

You’ve probably tried to implement systems but found yourself overwhelmed by the ‘time-saving’ tech tools available to you. Or, you created systems around people instead of organizing them around business functions – which is a sure way for them to fail.

It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to find a better way.

If you’re ready to join that 8% and stop letting your business steamroll you, you’ll want to show up for Jason LiCavoli. He’s going to cover the 5 pillars of business success and how you can systemize each one so that your life as an investor becomes a lot more lucrative, a ton more fun, and provides you with a million times (low estimate) more freedom.

● You’ll learn how to market your business the right way with simple focus, consistent visibility, simple tracking, and one platform.

● You’ll understand how to double your profits without increasing your marketing costs by doing one thing.

● You’ll learn how to manage your deals so that every property receives an offer in less time than it takes now.

● You’ll take away ideas on systemizing your closing process so it runs smoothly and frees up more of your time.

● Most importantly, you’ll learn how to do it all by creating the right systems that will set you up for success.



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