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February 19th, 2020 – Buying Homes with Banks – How to Buy Properties with Owner Financing

Come join us February 19th, 6:30pm at Gianilli’s II with speaker Brandon Yeager.

This month, Brandon is going to take us behind the scenes and look at some owner financing deals.  Several months ago, we were blessed to have Bob Struhala speak and talk about some of the awesome things he has going with owner financed properties. This month, we’ll look at some that have been crafted by Brandon, AND we’ll learn how YOU can do the same.  Want a word for word script?  Come to the February SWIG meeting!  

Look, Baby, it might be cold outside, but it’ll be hot inside at the SWIG meeting. Oh wait. Didn’t they outlaw that song? That’s ok, we’re not politically correct, either. See you there.

Stacey Belko

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Penny and Thomas Jones - February 15, 2020

We maybe interested and coming to one of your meeting. 412-401-9646.


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