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November 16th, 2016 – Steve Cook – Lifeonaire Intro

Come join us November 16th, 6:30pm (6:00pm registration) at The Ramada Greensburg with guest speaker Steve Cook of Lifeonaire. & again December 2, 3, & 4th, 9am-5pm for our special 3-day “Life Builder” event at Crowne Plaza Greentree.


What is Lifeonaire?
It’s a revolutionary approach to squeezing the absolute most out of life…a way to help us live more productive, fulfilling, meaningful, and joy-filled lives – where we make more money, have more free time, and get to do all the things we enjoy.

To teach Lifeonaire to people that are ready to make a change, we’ve found that holding 3-day events we call “LifeBuilders” retreats are the #1 most effective way to impact people and help them make lasting change.

From the moment you set foot in the room, you’re going to immediately do three things… (1.) feel a contagious energy and excitement  (2.) realize you’re surrounded by like-minded people that want more out of life just like you, and (3.) wish you could have done this earlier.

Here’s just some of the benefits you’re going to get by attending:

  • Discover what you really want for your life and figure out what’s most important to you (many of us are living the lives that others want for us).
  • How to create a roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be – as quickly and easily as possible.
  • A practical and realistic set of action steps to get you living the life you deserve NOW rather than later.
  • The 4 Stages of Financial Prosperity that you absolutely must follow if you want to avoid the mistakes and traps so many people fall into and never get out.
  • The one question you always need to ask yourself whenever you’re presented with any kind of opportunity – or risk everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
  • The secrets of living a balanced life so that you’re not always putting out fires in the areas you’ve neglected.
  • The key to taking ownership of your life and designing your future in a way that will lead to long-term fulfillment and growth. There’s even more!
  • How to achieve REAL wealth (hint: it’s not the amount of money you have!)
  • How to “become your vision” and take it from being on paper and translating it into REAL LIFE.
  • Strategies and real-life tactics to become debt free in record time.
  • Find what it is that makes life worth living to you and identify your purpose.
  • How to identify and eliminate negative conditioning that has affected you thus far and how to avoid getting sucked back in.
  • The seductive yet deadly mistake so many people make in their attempts to gain happiness but instead become enslaved.
  • How to deliberately design and live each and every day in a way you love and that you can actually accomplish.
  • What single and brutally honest question will determine what you want your life to look like and what kind of legacy you will leave behind.
  • How to not let your current situation dictate your future potential.
  • And much much more!


Join us and many others that are ready to transform their life DECEMBER 2, 3, & 4 @ HOTEL Greentree for 3 life-changing days!

October 19th, 2016 – CME Websites – Facebook Marketing

Come join us October 19th, 6:30pm (6:00pm registration) at The Ramada Greensburg with guest speaker CME Websites.

CME is a growing web development and online agency. We have designed over 350 websites, control over 650 domain names, and provide web maintenance services for many more sites that are not our own. Many of our web clients are local to the Pittsburgh region and our home base in Westmoreland County, but CME Websites has clients in Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, and throughout southwestern Pennsylvania.

Originally known as Computers Made Easy, CME Websites {Code Media Essentials} was established in 1999 by Jane Yeager Noel. As the original company name suggests, CME provided computer support and software training as well as website development. As the demand for our web services grew, we devoted more and more of CME’s resources to website technology, including the purchase of a small hosting company (Giraffe Digital Solutions, Inc.), which has enabled us to provide our own hosting, email, web statistics, and domain name services.

Via CME Websites.


15 Facebook Marketing Tips

Every day, real estate agents use Facebook to connect with prospective home buyers and to foster business relationships with peers. Maintaining these relationships, however, requires a bit of handiwork, which is where this article comes in.

Here’s how to use Facebook to build relationships, find new followers, and market your agency more effectively.

Set Up a Facebook Page…

Marketing on Facebook starts by setting up a business page. Although many agents use their personal profile, it’s better to create a business page, for two reasons: It’s more professional, and it allows you to market to your followers more efficiently using features not available in your personal profile.

Facebook Page Marketing Tips…

Once you’ve set up your page, follow these tips to keep it fresh.

1. Update Your Cover Photo Frequently. Use the cover photo to highlight the homes you have for sale. You can change images quite often so use this space to your advantage. Follow Facebook’s policies when doing so.

2. Create Helpful Tabs. Add a tab to your Facebook page that highlights featured listings.

3. Remember the 80/20 Rule. 80 percent of your content should be customer-focused, and 20 percent should center on you and your business. Using this formula will encourage more engagement and interaction.

4. Respond to Comments. Reply to comments posted on your page, good or bad, and do so promptly. This signals current and potential clients that you are paying attention.

5. Use Photos and Video. Whenever possible, use images or videos in your posts. According to data from Wishpond, an online marketing company, posts with photos tend to get 120 percent more engagement than those without them. Posts with photo albums receive 180 percent more engagement.

There has also been an increase in interaction with videos. One study even stated that video posts are beginning to trump image posts in terms of engagement.

6. Focus on Local Interests. People want to know what is happening within their local community, a fact that is especially true for those moving to a new area with which they may be unfamiliar.

Post about local charity events, school-related activities, or highlight a popular local business. In general, post about anything you feel the community would find interesting.

7. Share Interesting and Informative Facts. These can stimulate likes and comments.

8. Offer Helpful Advice. Tips about how someone could stage her home for sale or decorate her new home are good ways to gain likes and comments.

9. Use Humor. It never hurts to sprinkle in a little humor when appropriate.

10. Post Images of You, Your Team, and Happy Clients. Posting photos of you and your team participating in community functions or at office parties helps to put a personal face on your business. Potential buyers want to know that they are dealing with real people, not just faceless corporations.

Also, posting photos of happy customers standing next to their newly purchased home can benefit you, in two ways: It demonstrates that you are successful in helping people buy a home. It also shows that others trust and use your company.

11. Post Photos of Fancy, Unique, and Eye-catching Homes. These can also arouse interest and foster likes and comments.

12. Rely on Facebook Page Data. Facebook Insights, an analytics component tied to Facebook pages, provides valuable data about followers — such as their age, gender, and location — that can help you better understand your target market’s demographics.

Tips to Grow Your Follower Base…

Lastly, here are some ways to use your page to grow your follower base.

13. Gather Leads. Have visitors sign in when you host an open house, and then send them a request to like your business page shortly after their visit. Doing this can help you gain new followers because they are more likely to remember you now rather than a week down the road.

14. Run a Contest or Sweepstakes. Companies like WishpondAntavo and Offerpop help Realtors set up contests and sweepstakes, to generate leads.

15. Use Your Personal Profile. While the best place to market your services is on your Facebook business page, it is helpful to mix in some real estate-related posts each week on your personal profile. It reminds your friends that you have the business page and gives them an opportunity to like it if they have not already done so.



September 21st, 2016 – Equity Trust – Self Directed IRA’s

Come join us September 21st, 6:30pm (6:00pm registration) at The Ramada Greensburg with guest speaker Equity Trust.


Beginners Guide To Self-Directed IRA’s

You probably know all about the most popular retirement savings accounts: a 401(k) offered by your employer and IRAs (either traditional or Roth) that you and possibly your employer may contribute to. IRAs can at times have certain tax advantages over 401(k)s, and often give you greater control over your investments, however many employee-sponsored plans may let Uncle Sam or unscrupulous financial planners have a say in where your money is invested.
Even traditional and Roth IRAs place substantial limits on how you can invest in your future; though they can be a better option than many other retirement investment vehicles, they don’t always allow you the freedom you deserve.
Anyone who truly wants to take control of their retirement should consider a self-directed IRA. They’ve been around for decades, but few people know about them because the freedom of investment options they offer doesn’t give commission-based retirement planners much of an incentive to educate clients about this product.
You can take an in-depth look at self-directed IRAs here, or keep reading for a basic overview and to see if a self-directed IRA might be right for you.

What Is A Self-Directed IRA? 

A self-directed IRA allows you to make your own investment decisions. This is the retirement vehicle choice that will interest you if:
  • You like being in the driver’s seat when it comes to how to invest your funds
  • You see the financial benefit of investing in other types of commodities beyond stocks and bonds
  • You’re not afraid of diversifying your financial risk
If you’re not afraid of rolling up your sleeves to take a more proactive stance over your retirement funds, and you have an open mind about the types of investments that are at your disposal to invest in, then perhaps a self-directed investment fund is right for you.

How Does Self-Directed IRA Management Differ From Traditional IRA Management? 

The most commonly asked question is how does self-directed IRA (SDIRA) management differ from traditional IRA management. The fact is, you can invest in the same financial products within a SDIRA that you can with the traditional IRA. Both types of retirement accounts are held at a financial institution.
However, the traditional account is managed by a financial officer, and the confines of the traditional IRA only allow you to invest in financial products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. If you’re an investor who would like to explore other investing options, then investing in a traditional IRA could leave you feeling confined.
On the other hand, the investing options at your disposal within a SDIRA create a plethora of retirement income streams for you to take advantage of.

What Are The Specific Advantages Of Self-Directed IRA Management? 

There are many investment choices that become available to you once you decide to create a SDIRA fund. Common investment vehicles include:
Limited Partnerships
Tangible Asset Deeds
Tax Lien Certificates
Accounts Receivable Financing
Building Bonds
Commercial Paper
Contracts of Sale
Equipment Leasing
Foreign Sales Corporation Stock
Improved or Unimproved Land (Leveraged or Un-Leveraged)
Joint Ventures
…And more.
The best part is, you can use your current industry education (or expertise) to select the investments you’re interested in. You don’t have to blindly invest in a financial product without understanding its industry or its probability factor to generate revenue.
You won’t be confined into investing in financial products you don’t believe in, or you feel won’t offer you the best returns on your investments. Instead, you’ll gain far more control over your investment portfolio within a SDIRA as you see fit.

Are Self-Directed IRA Vehicles Worth Considering? 

A SDIRA is definitely worth considering if you’re the type of new or experienced investor who keeps their finger on the pulse of news in various industries. If you’re this type of investor, then you’ve done your homework, and you’re probably eager to take advantage of revenue generation in all sorts of exciting new industries that were previously non-existent, even as recently as 10 years ago.
Or, perhaps you’re the type of investor who enjoys the idea of investing in solid, long-standing institutions such as real estate, livestock, or precious metals. Perhaps these are the types of investment vehicles that were previously out of your reach but now they’re an investment option that you’d like to take advantage of.
Not only will a SDIRA allow you to finally take advantage of revenue generation in the products you’ve kept your eye on, but a SDIRA will also allow you to decide how aggressively or conservatively you’ll invest and control your retirement funds.
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August 17th, 2016 – Anthony Pernelli – Rehabbing: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Come join us August 17th, 6:30pm (6:00pm registration) at The Ramada Greensburg with guest speaker & SWIG board member Anthony Pernelli.


Anthony David Pernelli is a Southwestern PA born and raised seasoned investor with over 50+ UNITS AND OVER 120+ REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS (maybe more I lost count).

This month I will be presenting 3 properties which I have rehabbed and sold over the past year. Unlike the so called GURUS, I will show you my successes and also my failures. Yes I have lost money on properties. It’s possible and I will show you how. And also how I made profit on properties. My presentation will be a complete open book,  showing cost sheets and the exact materials I use for my rehabs. I will also put myself out there showing where I went wrong under-estimating construction costs, mismanaging contractors, and my overall poor performances. I will also share with you my successes and how you can do it too. Investing is a journey and the riches and rewards can be yours if you stay on the right path.

July 20th, 2016 – Brad King – Researching Titles To Properties

Come join us July 20th, 6:30pm (6:00pm registration) at The Ramada Greensburg with guest speaker Brad King of King & Guiddy Attorneys at Law.


Mr. King’s practice focuses on civil litigation, business law and commercial transactions, real estate transactions and litigation, and estate and trust planning and administration. In his extensive litigation work, Mr. King has represented many individuals and businesses in estate litigation, real estate and contract disputes, title insurance litigation, workers’ compensation, and personal injury cases. He has successfully litigated many cases in both jury and non-jury trials in courts throughout Pennsylvania and argued numerous cases on appeal before the Pennsylvania Superior Court.

Mr. King also provides counsel to clients on estate and trust planning and management as well as for-profit and non-profit businesses on business and commercial law, including structuring or re-structuring all types of businesses, drafting business contracts, by-laws, operating agreements, wills, and powers of attorney. In addition to representing many individuals and national title insurance companies in real estate disputes, Mr. King assists clients in all aspects of real estate transactions, including negotiating the terms of sale and financing, obtaining zoning variances, resolving issues with the real estate prior to closing and representing clients at closings.

Prior to joining King & Guiddy, Mr. King worked for Judge Joseph Farnan, Jr. of the United States District Court for the District of Delaware and he also worked for the litigation law firm of Whiteford, Taylor & Preston in Baltimore, Maryland.

Mr. King is a member of the Westmoreland County, Allegheny County, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and American Bar Associations. He is admitted to practice before the courts of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State of New Jersey, the United States Supreme Court, and the United States District Courts for the Western and Eastern Districts of Pennsylvania.

In 2015, Mr. King was inducted into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, The Top Trial Lawyers in America®, which recognizes trial lawyers who have won million dollar verdicts or settlements.

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