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August 15th, 2018 – Option Agreements v. Purchase & Sales Agreements: Which Is Better? Which Should You Use? & Why?

Come join us August 15th, 6:30pm at Gianilli’s II.

Perhaps you have seen it before. The fantastic wholesale deal under contract for the right price by a newbie investor. They have it under option agreement, and claim they have an equitable interest which permits them to market the property. Is that true? Is that even a correct statement?

I believe if you are going to be in the real estate investment game, while you do not need to have a law degree, you better be willing to learn the legal aspects of every single step you are doing in the business so that you can say legal. Lets face it, you would rather be making money on flip houses than making license plates, right? It’s easy to screw up and make a mistake when you DO KNOW what you are doing, let alone when you are simply taking the advice of online real estate rock stars dominating real estate discussion forums, oftentimes from other states.

If you want to stay legal….and know exactly what you’re talking about, stop on out to this months meeting. I will see you there.

Stacey Belko

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