Beginning from a small group of investors desiring to learn how to do real estate investing deals, network, and learn from each other, our group is still founded and based upon the same grass root desires.  To help each other and learn from each other, and help each other to succeed.  It’s a quest that starts with desires for more freedom, more financial security, and better relationships, and ends with the accomplishment of of your goals.

Deal-makers and investors from all parts of the Southwestern PA (and even across state borders) come to our group to learn and network with many of the most advanced real estate investors in the Westmoreland county region.



Brandon Yeager – Co-Founder of the Barn at Madison, House Flipper, Landlord, and Builder.  Brandon loves helping beginning real estate investors achieve their goals and dreams and operates from the idea of abundance vs scarcity.  He is married with 4 children.  He also loves trying to stay in shape by doing triathlons.